2007 Acura MDX

  • 2007 Acura MDX

    Acura MDX
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    • Inspected headlights finding head light lenses are fogy and hazy. Right front light will flicker and cur out while performing vibration test. Monitored voltage and ground signal to assembly while performing vibration test, finding no glitch or drop in signal. Indicating failure to be with in head lamp assembly and or igniter. Recommend remove head light assembly, inspect and replace igniter, ballast or assembly as needed. Removed assembly and found head light drops out while flexing igniter from ballast to bulb. Replaced both head light bulbs and passenger side igniter between ballast and bulb, rechecked no longer getting flickering or drop outs when performing vibration test.
    • HEADLAMP (HID) IGNITOR – Remove & Replace – Each
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